Playing Tips

Table of Contents

1. Eat the Pills

Since the three types of Pills that fall in dungeons, "Strength Pills," "Vitality Pills," and "Nourishment Pills," are all consumable items that can genuinely strengthen your character by eating them, they should be collected as a priority.

The "Strength Pill" increases basic Attack Power, the "Vitality Pill" increases basic Vitality, and the "Nourishment Pill" increases basic amount of recovery.

The three types of these Pills have pink pillars rising from them, so if you see one, try to collect it even if it takes some risks.

Keep in mind that since the enemies will get stronger and stronger as you advance through the floors, if you neglect to collect these Pills, you will find it more difficult to conquer the floor.


2. Eat the Food

In dungeons, the Fullness level (yellow bar) decreases with the passage of time and the character's actions. When this Fullness reaches 0, the character will periodically take damage.

All food have yellow pillars rising from them and enemies sometimes drop food after defeating them as well.

Mouthful items such as "Herbs" and "Pills" also have a small amount of Fullness recovery effect, though not as much as common foods such as "Rice Balls" and "Grilled Meat."

Since the amount of Fullness recovery of "Rice Balls" and "Bad Meat" will be increased by cooking them, it is advisable to throw them into fire.

Also, it is always a good idea to have 2~3 pieces of food on hand.


3. Equip the Charms

Charms with various effects are found in dungeons and can be equipped in combination to make the character stronger.

A total of 10 Charms can be equipped.

Many Charms have the same effect, but their effects overlap, and therefore the more Charms you equip, the more effective they become.

All Charms have red pillars rising from them and enemies sometimes drop Charms after defeating them as well.

Equipped Charms can be deleated at will if they are not cursed, so if you find a good Charm, you can always overwrite it.

Some Charms have negative effects, but these effects can be reversed by throwing them at enemies to make them weaker.


4. Strengthen the Secret Arts

Various Manuals of Secret Art are found in dungeons, and by using these manuals, characters can learn powerful new skills.

Up to four Secret Arts can be learned, so players can learn new skills that best suit their own fighting style.

The same Secret Art can be learned over and over again to strengthen it, and various abilities can be selected and added. It is also possible to set the same Secret Art in a different slot.

All Manuals of Secret Art have green pillars rising from them and enemies sometimes drop these manuals after defeating them as well.

At the "Shrine of Secret Arts," which appears rarely, you can obtain a "Secret Arts Upgrade Manual," which allows you to enhance your favorite Secret Arts in exchange for three unneeded Manuals of Secret Art, so it's better not to throw away unused manuals.


5. Remember This when Close to Death

When you feel your Vitality (green bar) decrease and you feel death during a battle with enemies, do not be hasty and try the followings.

1. Activate "Zen Mode" and defeat the surrounding enemies or escape to a safe place

2. Escape to a safe spot by using evading steps and eat the "Sacred Tree Nut"

During the "Zen Mode," everything will be in slow motion, and the character will be invincible, all attacks will turn out to be critical hits, and all abnormalities will be restored.

The "Sacred Tree Nut" can always be replenished in the "Sacred Tree Realm," which can be accessed at floors that are multiples of 5, so be sure to use it systematically and aggressively.


6. Die Many Times to Strengthen the Base

When you die, you will lose all the items, Charms, and Manuals of Secret Art you have collected up to that point, but you can bring back "Virtues" and some "Money," each of which can be consumed at the base (village) to permanently increase overall power.

Virtue...Permanently increase the number of slots for the "Blessings of the Sacred Tree" by pouring it into the "Sacred Tree" at the base

Money...Permanently strengthens the characters' abilities by donating to the "Dojo" at the base

The "Blessings of the Sacred Tree" have a variety of effects, and by unlocking various achievements, you can challenge dungeons with up to 10 Blessings of your choice.

If you are unable to advance to the next stage by any means, try circling dungeons that have already been completed to collect more 'Virtues' and 'Money' to power up before taking on the next stage.


7. Choose Wisely the Next Torii Gate to Enter

In dungeons, you move to the next floor by diving through the Torii Gate you've selected.

At each floor, two or more Torii Gate of different colors appear at random, so choose the most appropriate one at the time.

The effects and colors of each Torii Gate are as follows.

1. Recovery Torii Gate (pink)
2. Food Torii Gate (yellow)
3. Charm Torii Gate (red)
4. Secret Art Torii Gate (green)
5. Item Torii Gate (blue)
6. Homecoming Torii Gate (white)

At first, it is recommended to jump in the Charm Torii Gates to determine your growth strategy, and then in the middle floors, dive in the Secret Art Torii Gates to strengthen your skills, and finally at th end floors, enter the Item Torii Gates to collect items for use against bosses.


8. Learn the Additional Input Timing

Normal attacks of "Mumyo" and "Raiden" will change depending on the timing of the additional input.

The following are the respective timings, which are as severe as parrying, so practice until you get used to them.

Mumyo: Light > Light > Light > Heavy (hold down button) > [Additional Input Timing] > Heavy

Raiden: Heavy (hold down button) > [Release Timing] > Different Output

Some jump attacks and Secret Arts also generate additional input, so try different ones.


9. Be Aware of the Distance Between the Enemies

When surrounded by a swarm of enemies, if you just swing your sword around in the dark, you will be attacked continuously and often die as it is.

While learning each character's normal attack range by your sense, try using each of the Secret Arts aggressively.

"Mumyo" in particular allows you to backstep with the evade button during an attack, making it easy to adjust the distance between you and the enemies.

The attack that comes after the enemy's eyes glow yellow is a bite attack that cannot be guarded against, so be sure to avoid it.


10. Escape is Always an Option

Since defeating enemies will bring forth "Virtues," "Money," and "Items," it is desirable to defeat many enemies as possible, but at the same time, the risk of death and hunger will definitely increase.

In the early floors of the stage, it is often better to avoid battles, focus on just collecting Pills and important items, and move on to the next floor.

Even if you succeed in strengthening, you may die in a flash if you are surrounded by horde of zombies, so be careful at all times as you move forward.