Practical Strategy

1st Floor

I got two Secret Arts, and luckily, both Secret Arts had "*" on them (which means both Secret Arts had special effects on them), so I immediately acquired both of them without any doubt and moved on to the next floor.

2nd Floor

The Samurai's weak attack, weak attack, weak attack, press & hold strong attack, another last strong attack combo is the main axis of defeating zombies.

Be sure to use Secret Arts with good timing in your normal attacks, and be sure to kill each zombie one by one.

I equipped the "Fulfilling Charm," which eases hunger, and saved the "Heavenly Charm" to damage the boss later.

The Torii Gate I entered here is the "Secret Art Torii Gate."

At the beginning of each stage, you should prioritize the "Secret Art Torii Gate" and the "Charm Torii Gate" as much as possible, and spend them on self-enhancement.

In this case, I decided to get the "Finisher" and upgrade it.

3rd Floor

I made sure to collect the three Pills and the Charms that could later become pieces of a build.

Here, too, I mainly used the Samurai's normal attack combos with the occasional Secret Arts, and when I saw through the opponent's attack pattern, I would go for a parry and hunt down the zombie hordes.

The Torii Gate I entered here too was the "Secret Art Torii Gate."

I wondered whether to strengthen "Finisher," but this time I took "Iai," which is a counter technique.

4th Floor

I luckily found the Shrine of Secret Arts and got the Upgraded Manual. Keep in mind to pick up all the manuals of Secret Arts as possible to exchange them for a Upgraded Manual when possible.

I also used the combonation of back step action and Iai, and no zombies were able to even touch me. In mid-air, press the normal attack and then quickly the strong attack and you will be able to double hit your enemy right when you land.

The Torii Gate I entered here again was the "Secret Art Torii Gate."

Wow! Three "DO-GE-ZA". I picked the one which had a special effect on it.

5th Floor

The fifth floor (multiple of 5) will always be the "Sacred Tree Realm," which is a safe area.

The number of "Sacred Tree Nuts" that can be replenished in the Sacred Tree Realm is limited, so it is advisable to eat those that exceed the maximum number of nuts in your possession here.

If you are not satisfied with your growth so far, you can return to the village through the "Homecoming Torii Gate" to take back the full amount of Money and Virtue you have earned.

6th Floor

In order to finish off the downed enemy, it's good to use the jumping strong attack.

While charms with negative effects, such as "Weakness Charm," should be saved to offer to the boss, charms with positive effects should be equipped proactively to make room in the inventory for useful items to appear.

I've entered the same old "Secret Art Torii Gate" again.

I picked "Surface Sprint" and upgraded it.

7th Floor

This floor has a lot of manuals of Secret Arts. The same Secret Arts can be placed in different slots or stacked to strengthen them. Think carefully before making a choice.

Also, items that seem difficult to pick up can be easily selected from the inventory menu at any time.

If you encounter a group of zombies, there is no need to fight. However, since you can expect item drops from the enemies, it won't be so scary if you can make a straight line along a narrow path and kill 2 or 3 of them at a time without fail. Consider what to do depending on the situation.

This time I entered the "Charm Torii Gate."

Since all my Secret Arts were well trained, I chose "Divine Charm" to shorten the cooling time for all of them.

8th Floor

On the way, I was surrounded by powerful Fallen Samurai zombies, but I fought them calmly and defeated them mainly by using my enhanced Secret Arts.

I was lucky enough to equip the "Genbu Charm," which boosted my Vitality.

I entered the "Secret Art Torii Gate" again, but this time the Secret Arts did not overlap, and none of them could be strengthened.

9th Floor

Since I wanted to prepare for the boss fight, I picked up the ”Invisible Herbs” to start with.

Even though I would risk starving myself to death, I equipped two "Glutton Charms" to increase my firepower in preparation for the boss.

Finally, I entered the "Item Torii Gate" and wished for the precious "Life Doll" to appear. But no luck this time...

10th Floor

First of all, I threw the "Heavenly Charm" on the Giant, so he would be constantly damaged for a while since he would not be in the air.

Then I threw the "Weakness Charm" on the Giant, so he would become more weaker.

After that, I threw a Firebomb at him to make him burn.

At the very end, I just wanted to watch him die from the constant damage he gets, so I ate the "Invisible Herbs" and stood there and there he goes. Sayonara!