About "Ed-0: Zombie Uprising"

"Ed-0: Zombie Uprising" is a hard-hitting and robust roguelike action game that mixes modern graphics and playability with an old-fashioned roguelike base.

The game also has a strong element of survival, as players must use every means possible to get through harsh dungeons overrun by zombies, and the constantly changing random dungeons provide a different kind of excitement each time.

The playable characters include Samurai, Sumo Wrestler, and Ninja, all of which are staples of Japanese-style games, and players will enjoy exploring how to grow and build their characters to take advantage of their unique characteristics.

Although the game's difficulty level is relatively high, the game is designed to be friendly to action game beginners, as permanent power-ups can be achieved by reinforcing bases.


Story and Worldview

The year is 1854, in Japan at the end of the Edo period.

At the time, Japan was in the midst of its isolation, but Western countries were undergoing a technological and labor revolution called the "Zombie Industrial Revolution," and were eagerly watching for new colonial settlements with a power unmatched in Japan.

Soon, the Black Ships arrived in Japan and demanded the opening of the country to the outside world. This allows the zombies to invade Japan....
The zombies that entered the country created more zombies, and the zombie infestation spread around Edo.
At such a time, a group of people with mysterious powers, unaffected by zombies, appeared. People rumored them to be the "Zom-beings."