FAQ List

I'm stuck on a stage, what should I do?

Listen to the villagers.

Especially new villagers may give you useful hints and tips!

What good is a Charm that has negative effects and can't be used?

If you throw it at an enemy, you can inflict the negative effect of the charm on them as well!

It's especially effective when thrown at troublesome enemies or bosses!

The zombies are too strong and I die quickly, what should I do?

Zombies should basically be defeated with Secret Arts rather than normal attacks.

Also, the fourth thrust after the Samurai's triple thrust and the back-jump evasion are very effective and powerful, so practice to be able to use them at all times.

Furthermore, since zombies move not only by sight but also by sound, you can also use sounds such as bombs to attract their attention.

What is a "Super Armor?"

It is a powerful effect that prevents you and your enemies from staggering.

When the Secret Art is upgraded with "Super Armor +", that Secret Art will gain Super Armor.

This will be a very effective enhancement, making the Secret Arts unstoppable.

To what extent do the effects of Secret Arts and the Secret Arts enhancements apply?

Applies only to the applicable Secret Art.

I want to go back to the village...?

The only way to return safely with your hard-earned Money and Virtue is to use the "Homecoming Talisman," go under the "Homecoming Torii Gate," or finish the stage you are on.

I don't know how to use "Life Doll" and "Dummy Doll?"

Note that if it is in your inventory, it will automatically take effect when you die, but if it is in the Wicker Box, it will not take effect.

Throwing it at an enemy will cause damage, but it will disappear.

There's a special zombie with a purple aura...?

It is a super powerful individual that is difficult to defeat, but if you do, it will drop a rare item for sure!

What is the "Shrine of Secret Arts?"

If you dedicate three unneeded Manuals of Secret Arts, you can exchange them for the "Upgraded Manual," which can strengthen any Secret Art!

So even if you don't use a Manual of Secret Art, you should always keep it instead of throwing it away.

How can I sell things at the dungeon street vendor?

Place what you want to sell in the stall and walk away. The street vendor will buy it from you!

How can I change the button controls?

You can select your favorite button presets in the "Controller" menu under "System" in the inventory menu.

You can also turn on/off the "EDO Shader" in the "Graphics" menu in the same menu.

How can I retry a stage or difficulty level I finished once before?

You can always select a stage and difficulty level you have completed in the past and try again from the "Hokusai Studio" at the base, instead of from a side street of the base.

If you are unable to complete the main quest or would like to try a sub-quest, you can always earn virtues and money from the completed stages that are easy to beat!

Why does the item selection at the Bento Shop in the base change every time I visit?

Each time you return to your base, the selection of items in the Bento Shop will randomly change.

If only you could go in and out of the village, buy the items of your choice, and bring them into the dungeons...!

I just don't seem to be able to beat a stage?

In addition to using your wisdom and experience, if you are unable to complete a stage, try the following.

1) Replay the already beaten stages and save Money.
>>Donate as much as you can to the Dojo to permanently strengthen yourself.

2) Replay the already beaten stages and accumulate Virtues.
>>Invest as much Virtue as possible in the Sacred Tree Vessel to unlock the Blessing slots.

3) Complete sub-quests to unlock new Sacred Tree Blessings.

4) Collect as many of Perry's Jorunals as possible in the dungeon.
>>Get hints about the bosses from the "Archive Keeper" at the top of the base.