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Powered exoskeleton "PA Gear"

It is no exaggeration to say that ground troops make up the main fighting force of the EDF. To support these troops in battle, the revolutionary technology of PA gear is provided for them. Meaning Physical Augmentation Gear, they are a powered exoskeleton developed by the EDF to use against the aggressors.

The gear is powered by Energy Core which provides the wearer with superhuman abilities. The EDF has successfully developed a number of PA Gear which when worn, give the soldiers a variety of fighting abilities.

Energy Gem

A strange gem embedded within the aggressors which is capable of producing a vast amount of energy. It is believed that these energy gems is what sustains the enormous bodies of the aggressors.

Energy Core

The EDF were able to retrieve an energy gem and process it into capsule form, to use as a source of energy for PA gears, weapons and base facilities. Many fossil fuels and energy facilities were taken away from the humans which has made the energy core an invaluable form of energy for the EDF. Although the enemy, the aggressors' energy gems are what keep the EDF going.

Battle Vehicles

As a powerful reinforcement of EDF mobile infantry, you may be able to request the dropping of many kinds of combat vehicles. Pursuing technology as a weapon for Aggressors…Or rather said to be, battle vehicles are constantly developed by trial and error against an unknown enemy. So battle vehicles are not only sophisticated, but rather rugged and not easy to use. However, depending on how those are used, the vehicles can become powerful weapons that exert tremendous ability to even changing the war situation. Vehicles can be possessed as items of another category without affecting the 2 types of weapons you can equip. Also, you are able to request a drop on the battlefield regardless of the type of PA Gear you are equipping. Let's introduce some of the wonderful vehicles that exist in this world.