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Blast Unit

One of the military units lead by the EDF total commander in chief Renald Campbell.
Without having a specific jurisdiction,
the Blast unit undertakes particularly severe ground combats depending on the ongoing war situation.
Only strong soldiers are gathered in the unit, but they all have very unique personalities.
Lead by captain Takuma Yagami, the Blast unit is well known and admired by everyone for defeating the most aggressors in the EDF.

Kindred Rebellion

A resistance organization against the aggressors. In the meaning of fighting against the aggressors, they can be called the another Defense Force, but since they break into battle of EDF and the aggressor in an old type Warmech and snatch Energy Gem which the agressors drop, they are against the EDF as well. They are the former EDF elite corps Flare unit and also the survivors of the best corps destroyed by a decisive battle with the Hivecraft in 2033. Since they lost many lives in the operation, the leader of the Flare unit Gideon went against the upper class of EDF. Finally, in 2035, they named themselves Kindred Rebellion and a coup d'état was caused. As of 2040, Rebellion continues increasing assenters from deserters and the private enterprises from EDF and hides in the basement of urban areas and discarded "Priority Defense Level D" areas.

Although it is inferior to EDF on the scale of the organization, including the robbed PA-Gears and Warmechs, Rebellion became strong by managing test type optical weapons which they gained from the dark routes of research organizations and companies which were not in sponsors of EDF, they are able to fight equally against EDF.
In the latest information, there is a rumor that they are expanding the underground Metro, building large scale facilities there, and developing new weapons.

Storm Ant Scout

Strom Ants that are controlled by the PA Gear which the Kindred Rebellion developed by themselves. They are being remote-controlled by burying a control device giving off special pheromone and an electric pulse in the brains of the Storm Ants. Also, their physical abilities are improved by activating their cranial nerve system. They are painted differently so they can be recognized by other enemy Storm Ants.

Nightcrawler(Kindred Rebellion Warmech)

Referred to as "Nightcrawlers," these old-style warmechs are the driving force of the Rebellion's resource collection teams. Predating PA-Gear, warmechs are giant, bipedal walkers originally developed as weapons to use against the Aggressors, which were later plundered by the Kindred Rebellion during their coup d'état. While they possess solid armoring and powerful artillery, their maneuverability is inferior to the nimble giant creatures, and they currently are not used as part of the EDF's main army.
They appear when the EDF is battling Aggressors, sneaking onto the field to steal Energy Gems. They are a mid-range combat unit equipped with 4 howitzer launchers on each side.

What is the Defense Priority Level?

Because EDF was worn out by the decisive battle with the Hivecraft, they could no longer maintain the force that can defend the whole Earth. Therefore, "Defense Priority Level" was established in order to prioritize the areas where high protection were needed. Range of the priority level exists from AA to D and the wealthy supporters of EDF and high level directors of sponsor companies most likely evacuated in the highly prioritized areas. Some people resisted this fact and went on the Rebellion side.