System 01

Freely adjust quantity, positioning, and angles with the Omega Customization System.

Unit parts are divided into three types: Key Parts, Offense Parts, and Accessories. Key Parts are the parts that form the foundation of a unit's structure and performance, Offense Parts determine a unit's offensive ability, and Accessories alter the unit's appearance with little effect on its performance. Furthermore, Key Parts are divided into different types such as Head Sections and Leg Sections. Offense Parts are categorized by attack styles, such as Main Attack and Close Range Attack.
- Once you choose a part, you can place it anywhere you like and at any angle. The number of items you can place may be determined by certain restrictions, such as weight limits for leg parts or quantity limits for individual part categories, but otherwise, you can place as many as you like. Additionally, you must have at least one Leg Section before you can head to your mission.
- The parts you equip have a large effect on the unit's parameters, like durability, movement speed, camera and boost performance. Collect many parts and try a wide variety of customization to construct the strongest units you can.

System 02

Performance and movement speed alterations. Unit part size.

Parts come in three sizes: S-size, M-size, and L-size. Changing the size of a part will also change its performance. S-size parts have low durability but excellent mobility, whereas L-size parts have high durability but weak mobility. M-size parts are equally balanced.
- Leg section parts have a huge effect on a unit's mobility. Movement and operation speed will change depending on its size. If you want to feel the weight of a giant mech, L-size leg section parts are the way to go, whereas S-size parts are best if you want a more agile fighting experience.
- With the Omega Customization System, you can freely utilize parts of different sizes. The custom design and performance options are endless!
- Accessory parts come in sizes S through L as well. However, these parts can be enlarged and shrunk freely to customize your unit's appearance to your heart's desire.

System 03

Come on! My new customized mech! System for switching mechs during battle!

The game allows the player to switch to a different Mech during a mission. By making a delivery request during a battle, another Mech that has been customized in advance is dropped from the sky and can be switched. There are various occasions when switching Mechs is useful, such as when a Mech is damaged by an enemy attack, when you run out of ammunition, or when you want to change your fighting style depending on the battle situation.Note, however, that when a delivery request is made, the Mech is recovered and the pilot is exposed to the battlefield in the flesh until a new Mech is dropped. Up to five Mechs can be organized for a single mission. You can decide in advance which Mechs will be organized in the hanger. Organize your own customized Mech team and take on the mission.