In the near future, the latest space observation telescope discovers an enormous comet approaching the solar system.
Its calculated trajectory is not in danger of colliding with Earth, but the effects its massive size would have on our planet and the sun are unfathomable.
The damage caused by the resulting seismic, volcanic, and electromagnetic activity is catastrophic.
In response, a large-scale evacuation plan is carried out.
Residents, properties, and city functions in areas determined to be affected are almost all relocated to shelters and other regions.
In place of its departed citizenry, unmanned AI defense robots called G-Mechs patrol the abandoned areas, effectively turning them into robot towns.
The G-Mechs watch and defend the cities, expelling intruders, preventing robberies and accidents, and ensuring structural collapses and fires do not occur.
They are to guard the cities until the comet passes and people can return to their homes.

Here enters Four-Seven Security Service.
A security company that is dispatched to robot towns no longer inhabited by humans,
Four-Seven Security Service provides a variety of defensive services, including crime prevention, building maintenance and repair,
and the extinguishing of fires caused by volcanic eruptions.
You are a new employee at the company.

A fellow part-time employee is showing you the ropes as you perform maintenance on a few security G-Mechs.
Just then, a large earthquake rattles the area under the company's jurisdiction.
You receive word that the security G-Mechs in the area have gone rogue, perhaps as a result of the earthquake.
You also learn the rogue G-Mechs are equipped with autonomous AI.

As a member of Four-Seven Security Service, it is now your job to address the situation.
You take control of the unit provided by the company and set out to suppress the rogue G-Mechs.
Jobs like this are a part of the daily routine for a security company, you think to yourself.
Little do you know, however, this will turn out to be a battle that alters the fate of mankind...


Yosuke Omomo, Akira Sekine, Kotono Mitsuishi, Nobuhiko Okamoto, Lynn, Yuu Maeda, Mina Mizuki,
Emi Uema, Shunsuke Todo, Nobuyuki Hiyama, Kikuko Inoue, Kikuko Inoue, Tomoko Kaneda …etc

* Some cast members are in DLC.