The Men of Yoshiwara was released on PlayStation®Vita in February,
2015 as an app based on the idea of a male pleasure district.
More than 300,000 people have played it on the love game SNS Smart Phone Boyfriend.
Now it's available world-wide as a stand-alone app and has grown to be a title that has earned the warm support of women inside and outside of Japan.

The Men of Yoshiwara 2 is a brand new work brought to you by the same staff as the original.
The setting is the island pleasure district Ohgiya. It features a brand new protagonist and characters.


Deep in the center of an island lies the Yoshiwara pleasure district.
Never does its beauty, nor bustling activity, wane in the slightest.

No men are born on this island.
Therefore it is a custom that when women born on the island reach the appropriate age,
they pay a visit to Yoshiwara.

The daughter of a prosperous merchant, you are no except to this tradition.
Guided by your bodyguard Musashi Takenouchi,
you enter Yoshiwara to fulfill your duty as a woman.

Tonight is the first visit.
Invited to a luxurious feast, men of unworldly beauty are lined up before you.

From among these men, you will choose one,
and for a single evening become a false married couple.

Your heart flutters at the thought.

Seamless, perfect conduct and eyes that enchant everyone.

So these are the charms of men of the pleasure district...

Full of doubt and wonder,
which courtesan will you have chosen by the end of a seemingly endless night?


Kiyoha Somei

This game's protagonist.
She has been raised with care as the
daughter who will take over her family's
clothier business.
She has received education in those matters,
but where men are concerned,
she is unexperienced.
She relies on her bodyguard Musashi like
an older brother.
Following the traditions of the island,
she will choose a partner to be her false
husband in the renown pleasure district Ohgiya.


The pride of Ohgiya, Takigawa is equaled in
popularity in the pleasure district only
by Takao of Kikuya.
Although he is the epitome of civility and
plays no favorites,
his true nature is an arrogant one.
He is a little different somehow than other people,
and in his time as a novice,
he used that as a selling point.


You pick the flawless Takigawa,
but you overhear him talking about you as
"quality goods" with Asagiri.
What do you do as Takigawa announced
confidently he will make you fall for him...?


Although he was born on the mainland,
this exotic courtesan took up at
Ohgiya by his own choice.
He has an elusive personality.
His manners are exquisite but he is a truly
self-indulgent lover of women.


Asagiri, always quick of tongue,
makes you feel happy.
He has no tactics for love, but rather it is simply
that he likes beautiful things and women.
You're charmed by his elusiveness,
but his want to be free of any kind of restrain
causes him to even reject your offer to buy
his freedom.
But one day your family's business takes
you down a certain path...


Competing with Takigawa to be the most popular,
he is another pride of Ohgiya.
He is confident and rugged.
Possessing a strength that cannot be restrained,
he still sometimes shows an emotional side
that is starved for love.


Always confident with a high-handed attitude,
you cannot read his true intentions.
But when you learn he is searching for
a woman for revenge...


He grew up an orphan until he was found by
a procurer of courtesans and sold to Ohgiya.
Honest and forthright of character,
he is imbued with a deep kindness and
treasures his companions above all others.
Skilled in martial arts,
he entertains requests to teach even in such
prestigious activities as Kikuya's Kaguya dancing.


Although he is a courtesan, Utsusemi also serves as
an archer for Inari Shrine's horseback archery displays.
He seems somehow not like a courtesan.
Although you begin to have special feelings
for Utsusemi, a serious truth regarding his birth
is revealed due to his introduction at your visit.
Will Utsusemi choose to become a free man?!


Yet to take a customer,
he studies the art of the courtesan under
the tutelage of Gakuto.
He is obedient and straightforward in his
interactions with others.
His only character flaw is his love of kissing
when he becomes intoxicated.


You choose Ageha simply becaus
he is near to your age.
You know that Ohgiya is searching for
a customer to deflower him,
but you are refused due to your own virginity.
However, it creates problem for Ohgiya when
you're kissed by an intoxicated Ageha.

Product Data

The Men of Yoshiwara: Ohgiya
Story / Art
Hituzigumo / Hs(Hituzigumo)
Nintendo Switch PC(Steam) App