Forbidden Romanceis

Forbidden Romance is a dating simulation
game series for girls by D3 PUBLISHER.
The theme for each game varies:
you might find yourself dating a historical figure,
or some charming grown up pub frequenter;
all of which will surely bring you an exciting yet
relaxing experience.

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The Men of Yoshiwara

A closed island where baby boys are not born…
A unique culture that is completely different from the mainland 
has been flourishing on the island. In the middle of the island, 
there is a district where men are gathered.
Some women just want children.
Others are looking for love.
Knowingly deceived by a lie, and deceived in return, all in a single 
night's dream.
At the end, to whom is it that you will be talking of love?

The Men of Yoshiwara -OHGIYA-艶恋絵巻

Deep in the center of an island lies Yoshiwara.
Never does its beauty, nor its bustling activity, wane in the slightest.

In order to participate in the nightly banquets,
you—the daughter of a wealthy merchant—
are guided by your bodyguard, Musashi Takenouchi,
as you step foot into Yoshiwara.

And in this extravagant venue, men with a worldly beauty
unbeknownst to you are lined up before your eyes at the banquet.

Who will you wish to meet with once more?

※ "The Rosy Script" is the international version of "The Men of Yoshiwara: Ohgiya" released earlier on game platform Steam, some contents are modified. However, there are no major changes in event CG or storyline.

Office lovers

You are an employee at Viola, a major corporation in the cosmetics
industry. While you've been devoting your time to working on new
makeup, your own makeup has suffered as a result. Needless to say,
love is nowhere in sight.

Recently, you're assigned to work on a new project to develop a new product in time for Christmas.
While working alongside your superiors and an energetic co-worker on the team, you start to pay more attention to your girly side again...

Pub Encounter

You are a new employee at your company. However, you
haven't been getting along with your boss, and you've been
making mistake after mistake. One day when you're feeling
depressed, you discover a new bar on your way home.

Overwhelmed by the stylish atmosphere inside the bar, you
find yourself being chatted up by a man who seems to be one
of the regulars. As you start to enjoy the conversation, you
end up becoming interested in the bar and the men that
hang out here.

The Amazing Shinsengumi: Heroes in Love

The year is 1864, at the end of the Edo period.
A group of men bravely took action to extinguish a
burning house.
Those men were part of a group called the Shinsengumi.
In order to protect the city of Kyoto, they would rush to
any place that needed them.

Destiny's Princess: A War Story, A Love Story

It is the Warring States period in a different world.
When her castle has nearly fallen to the attacking demon,
the princess of the castle magically summons
five commanders from a different world.
Possessing the memories of her loved ones,
the men struggle to protect the princess, but...

My Secret Pets!

When you return home rejected the evening after
being broken up with by your boyfriend,
waiting for you are four handsome men...
who are actually your pets.
And so your life together with your faithful pets begins anew...

My Butler

When your aunt asks you to work part-time for her talent
agency, you didn't expect to be asked to live in her mansion
for three months!
Living together with you as a butlers are an actor, an idol,
or a model — all super-famous.
But, each one comes with his own problems...

Dangerous Relationship

You finally land a job in show business,
which you had only ever heard of from TV
and magazines.
In a single day, you end up meeting an idol,
an actor, a model, a musician, and a comedian,
and from that day on, you suddenly change
from being an ordinary citizen to being
a celebrity's girlfriend.

Secrets of Me

Having unrequited love for Yamada Ichiro, the protagonist
decides to get plastic surgery in order to attract his attention.
By chance, a detective teaches her the fundamentals
of covert investigation.
With her new skills, she discovers that Ichiro is actually
a con artist who tricks women into marrying him.
As she becomes depressed, all sorts of cute guys come into her life...
She then finds a new goal for herself: to steal them away
from their girlfriends. What will become of the protagonist
as she wholeheartedly stalks these handsome men?!

My Famous Lover

You work at a huge department store which
stocks a huge variety of perfumes,
when one day you come into contact
with five high-class guys.
"I was in love with you before you even knew
who I was."
Which celebrity will you fall in love with?