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Take on Pale Team's training simulations in the form of quick missions!
There are three Ravagers that appear exclusively in Training Mode!Face off against Hectors, Shieldbearers, and Flight Vehicles!
If just beating the missions isn't enough, we've got you covered! Complete each stage's bonus objectives to get all the Training Medals, and blast through your enemies with seven new weapons!

While the main EDF force was preparing to take down the mothership, a separate story was taking place. A battle no less important, filled with shooting, dodging, and destruction!
This tale shows us what the elite members of the female-only Wing Diver squad, Pale Team, were doing behind the scenes during 4.1.

It's been several months since the alien lifeforms, the Ravagers, attacked us again.

The Earth Defense Force (EDF) have been developing a new type of aviation unit for Wing Divers.
The main focus of the new aviation units was to allow for much greater flight times, and to give the Wing Divers the ability to Emergency Reload without having to land back on the ground.

The unit was undergoing testing by Pale Team, and was just entering its final stages when the incident occured.

The majority of the EDF's forces were converging in one area to prepare for their mission to attack the enemy mothership.
But, as if they could see right through the EDF's plans, a massive surge of giant insects appeared.
The EDF's only option was to send the few soldiers they had left defending their H.Q. to defeat the new threat.

The enemies you fought against in EDF4.1 are back in this shoot 'em up with all new attacks.
Will their barrages take you beyond Despair?!
All missions can be played on 5 different difficulty levels, and there are high-scores to shoot for too!

Watch out for the insane attacks unleashed by boss monsters so large they're bursting out of the frame!
Can you see through their attack patterns and emerge victorious?!

Experience fully-voiced comm transmissions with your fellow EDF fighters, including with the Rangers, Operator, and Commander from Earth Defense Force 4.1 – The Shadow of New Despair, and implement their strategies to defeat the enemy.
See your comrades fighting beside you and witness civilians fleeing in panic from the invading giant insects.
Work together with the other members of your elite Pale Team to put an end to the madness as quickly as possible!

When giant insects swarm the screen during a mission, SHOOT UP TIME begins.
Just shoot, shoot, and shoot some more at the enemies as they cover the screen!
The more you defeat in a row, the higher COMBO you'll get, and the higher your score will be.
Master SHOOT UP TIME and aim for the top of the score boards!

Players can equip two different weapons at a time.
There are no less than 60 different weapons from classes such as Ixion, Rapier, Mirage, Thunder Sniper, LAZR, and Plasma Launcher. Many of these will be familiar to players of Earth Defense Force 4.1!
Also master original weapons that make the most of the new aviation units!
The way you'll want to fight and use your weapons will depend on the giant insects appearing in each stage.
Try combining different weapon types until you find the methods that work best for you.

Online leaderboards are also available.
How high you can get your score will depend on your equipment and tactics.
Aim for the highest combo possible and fight for the honor of being best in the world!

Platform: PlayStation®4,Steam(PC) Digital-Download Only
Release: PlayStation®4 August 23,2018
Steam April 25,2018
Genre: Vertically scrolling shoot 'em up

Players: 1 Player
Online: Leaderboard
Developer: Clouds, GIGA-RENSYA
Publisher: D3 PUBLISHER