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Exhilarating Battles with Non-stop Action:

A Powerhouse Ninja System

Experience a lightning-fast fusion of swordsmanship and ninjutsu action. Wield Tsumugi's blade to slice, sever, and stab your way through hordes of corpses, and harness the ninjutsu techniques of her three ninja allies, whose arsenals includes kunai, bombs, onmyoji magic, and even a mechanized fist! Combine these fighting styles to thrash the undead legions en masse.

A Maiden’s Touch Makes You Grow Stronger:

Devoted Heart

This forbidden technique allows the ninjas to grant their life energy to Tsumugi to boost her power.
It is activated by physical contact—pressing cheeks, holding hands,
and especially locking lips can elevate Tsumugi's power to its limit!
However, be it present day or the Sengoku period, going straight for the kiss is a good way to get turned down. Instead, start with a gentle caress of the hand, and once a true bond has been formed,
share a kiss to perform the most intimate technique of all, Devoted Heart.

Go on Secret Dates in a Mysterious World!

A Powerhouse Ninja System

While on their journey in the Underworld beneath Honno-ji, Tsumugi and the ninjas happen upon a mysterious realm comprised of Bubble Pockets. In these dimensional pitfalls, the four are separated from each other, and Tsumugi is left alone with one of the ninja. Escaping the Bubble Pockets requires solving riddles using Ninjutsu, making for a formidable challenge beyond taking out odokegai.
During their one-on-one time in the Bubble Pockets, Tsumugi has a chance to grow closer to each of the ninjas as they share stories and intimate secrets. Perhaps that's why her heart won't stop racing...

The more you flirt, the stronger you get?!


The Album is another one of the ways Tsumugi can blossom.
While Tsumugi has very few abilities to her name when she first arrives in the Sengoku period, she can take a crash course in combat from her comely comrades. By recording the lessons with her smartphone, Tsumugi can explore the hidden mysteries of the ninja arts one-on-one with her ninja instructor all while getting material for a cute album of their memories together.
If you want to enroll in one of these lessons, you'll need to fight alongside a ninja
to increase your Affection and take part in Bubble Encounter dating events.
In other words, the more you flirt and the closer you get with your chosen ninja,
the more powerful Tsumugi and her allies become!

Let's sharpen those blades!

Enhance Weapon

Another way to help your characters take on every challenge is by enhancing weapons.
Spend Inga earned by defeating enemies to strengthen Tsumugi's katana and the ninjas' armaments.
Buffing Tsumugi's sword will increase her health and attack power, while enhancing the ninjas' weapons raises the devastating power of their ninja skills.
Reaching certain levels with weapons will also unlock the weapon skills sealed within each one. These skills have a range of effects, including increasing the power of light attacks and raising stun resistance.
Build the perfect weapons to match your fighting style!


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