INTRODUCTION With remarkable progress of digital technology, computer games has new greater flexibility of its performance and has yet been expanding the entertaining world.

Computer game, which was once a hobby for only maniacs, has now become a very popular daily entertainment, like watching a TV, among many kids and even grown-ups. The more popular playing with computer games become, the wider variety and higher quality of games are to be expected by computer game lovers. In other words, the game creators' distinguished ideas and exceeding imagination far beyond player's expectation are desired for the coming computer-game-age.

D3PUBLISHER INC. released a new series of computer game software named "SIMPLE 1500 series" in October 1998. This has grown into successful software series since its attractive contents are perfectly matched with what computer game fans wanted and it has established the great sales record of over 7 million units (as of Nov 2001) even in this economically hard and very competitive environment as result. We, as one of entertainment computer game company, are of course proud of this record but, more than that, we are pleased to see such many people choose and enjoy our game. Recently we have offered the computer game software series for PlayStation 2 and the other practical series that are not game software but are available for PlayStation and yet we continuously offer the up-to-date products one after another. Thanks to the improving connection system with communication devices, the computer game in the coming broad-band age will surely shift into new-style entertainment we have never experienced before.

Exploiting our anticipative foresight and very unique creativity, we heartily hope to share our delightful and impressive entertainment with more people.