Computer game software for PlayStation/SIMPLE1500 series:

gSIMPLE1500 seriesh is very simple and handy computer game software with no complex mode or unnecessary decorative performance added to the functions so what everyone can play with it. The first sensational low price of 1500 yen in the history of PlayStation has enabled this game series to make a sales record of over 7 million software (as of Nov 2001) since its release in October in the game industry that gfaddish item ends in the short-term craze, not being able to become a long seller popular item.h It once boomed out and still has stable popularity, being known as great series.

Computer game software for PlayStation2/SIMPLE2000 series:

gSIMPLE1500 seriesh which certainly takes over gSimple seriesh basic concept, gTo offer a good product at low priceh, is now released for PlayStation2. The price is just 2000 yen as its name implies, however, the needs of customers and specific features of Playstation2 are effectively reflected in the series. We will continuously offer SIMPLE series for PlayStation2 at reasonable price so that it can soon turn down the saying gcheap and nastyh and then create a new standard saying gcheap but still qualityh in the computer game software business.

Computer game software for PlayStation/SIMPLE1500 Hello Kitty series:

Hello Kitty series is newly line up. It is the 4th brand of the series coming after SIMPLE1500 useful series, SIMPLE 2000 series and SIMPLE 1500 series. Keeping the quality high and the price low, SIMPLE series with the new line-ups shall be more amusing.

Computer game software for PlayStation2/Youfve got Stars in your class:

This new-released series shall make effective use of DVD-ROM that is one of the specific points of PlayStation2. The main characters in the story are drawn by Mr. AOI KIMIZUKA who is well-known professional illustrator in the field. You can enjoy very unique story that goes in the school where many stars attend as student and you shall be able to have fine conversation with them thanks to the newly developed E.T.S. (Emotional Talk System). You are even able to listen to their songs released in the form of CD in the story. This well-contrived series can be the one to establish a new style of romantic love-story simulation game.