• The Game and the Launch Trailer Released!

  • Strategy Guide Released!

  • Pre-order begins! Reveal of new trailer, new function "EDO Shader," key visual and pre-order bonus!

  • The PS5 version, Xbox Series X|S version, and the full release of Steam version will all be available!

  • -Early access available now on Steam!
    -Any feedback is always welcome in the Steam community thread and the official Discord.

  • -Official website & early access trailer published.
    -Early access for PC via Steam will start on April 4th!

  • エドゼロ公式漫画 Ed-0 MANGA
  • 初心者必見!攻略指南 STRATEGY GUIDE
  • 更新データ配信 PATCH NOTES
  • よくあるご質問 FAQ


Be ready to sweat your
hands and brain,

cause it’s time for

-A unique world view that represents "Japanese x Zombies"
An army of one million zombies is coming to Japan during the Edo period when the country was locked down from the rest of the world. In this "Oedo Panic Rogue Action" game, you play as a Samurai, Sumo Wrestler, or Ninja, and fight off zombies based on the same Japanese motif.The theme is set in Japan during the Edo period, which is unique in the genre, and allows players to fully experience a beautifully crafted Japanese world that has never been seen before! The unique "EDO shader" is also a must-see!

-Situational decision making that overturns "Super Randomness"
Due to the automatic generation of the map, the amount of items and the placement of enemies are all random, and furthermore, the range of randomness expands as the stage progresses, so you can challenge evey dungeons with a fresh mind each time. The strong randomness of the game also means that there are many situations that are beyond the player's control, such as the amount and placement of enemies and the occurrence of special events at each floor, so the player's ability to judge the situation accurately is required!

-The mighty accomplishment of conquering "High Difficulty Dungeons"
Because the dungeons are highly challenging, it is important to accumulate wisdom and experience by dying over and over again. You will be able to experience a thousand different and once-in-a-lifetime scenes where the dungeon strategy is completely different every time you take on a challenge, so you can fully enjoy your own game strategy and build-making by using various Secret Arts, Charms, and Item combinations in different situations from other players!

[Data Transfer to the Full Version on Steam]
For the Steam version, the current saved data can be transferred from the Early Access to the full release without modification. (Excluding the unlock of the Blessings of the Sacred Tree by completing certain quests)


  • Mumyo

    Solitary Zombie Hunter

    A skilled Samurai who suddenly appeared in the village. He cuts down enemies with a well-trained Japanese katana. By dropping the arms and legs of zombies with his katana, he fights while blocking their movement and attacks. He has a good balance of speed and power, making him an easy-to-handle all-around type.



  • Raiden

    The strongest Sumo Wrestler in Edo

    The most famous and strongest Sumo Wrestler in Edo. He excels at physical combat using his own body as a weapon. He also does not hesitate to use deadly techniques against zombies, such as crushing their heads, which was forbidden in the world of Sumo. His greatest strength is his overwhelming power and vitality.



  • Matoka

    The Silent Assassin

    A mysterious Ninja with blue eyes.
    She sneaks up on her enemies without making a sound and defeats them with quick physique. She also uses flying weapons such as kunai, a Ninjutsu such as Fire Jutsu and Earth Jutsu to round up zombies. She will be the most technical character to handle.




  • Sweat your hands,
    Challenging Dungeons
  • Sweat your brain,
    Super Randomness
  • The World of Oedo Zombie
  • Unique Secrets Arts and Items
  • Mighty Bosses Await You
  • Infinite Build-making
  • You can always use the "EDO Shader" to switch the graphics to Ukiyo-e art


Ed-0: Zombie Uprising
Steam(PC)/PlayStation®5/Xbox Series X|S
*Digital only for all platforms
Oedo Panic Rogue-like
Release Date
July 13, 2023
*The Early Access on Steam has ended.
Data Transfer
(Steam version only)
For the Steam version, the current saved data can be transferred from the Early Access to the full release without modification.
*Excluding the unlock of the Blessings of the Sacred Tree by completing certain quests
# of Player
English and Japanese
*Voices are in Japanese only, subtitles in English

Special Offers

PS5 Digital
Pre-order Bonus
① Additional Mini-quest "Rounding Up Thieves"
② Early Access rights to play 24 hours prior to release
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Xbox Series X|S Digital
Pre-order Bonus
Additional Mini-quest "Rounding Up Thieves"
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Steam Digital
Pre-order Bonus
Additional Mini-quest "Rounding Up Thieves"
*For Early Access Purchasers
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