Game Contents

Includes 5 minigame types with 250 stages!

Enjoy 250 stages fully and thoroughly to your heart's content! Go at your own pace and play as much as you want!

Pin Pull

Number Tower

Color Lab

Parking Lot

Cash Run

Put your skills to the test on missions!

Choose between Total Missions and Daily Missions. You can take on 99 different missions in Total Missions and obtain a variety of rewards by clearing them! You can also enjoy new challenges each day with Daily Missions and collect Coins to test your luck with Gotcha!

Try your luck with Gotcha!

Use Coins earned from clearing stages and missions to get Titles and Plates with Gotcha! Then, use the Titles and Plates you've won from Gotcha! to create your own unique name plate.

More Features

Customize and create your very own name plate!

By combining Titles and Plates obtained from Gotcha! or completing missions, you can create a name plate exactly to your liking. There are a whopping 8,910,000 possible combinations!

Challenge players from around the world for the highest rank!

Show off your unique name plate in the world rankings. You can record your best score and time and challenge players worldwide in "Rank-Up Challenge"! Rankings are available in Easy, Normal, and Hard for each minigame, as well as mixed variations of the 5 minigames. * The ranking list is reset every month.


PS5® Pin Pull


PS5® Number Tower


Nintendo Switch™



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