SG/ZH is a a shooting action game where the story takes place at "Kirisaki High School". The school has been suddenly cut off by the outside world and surrounded by the crowds of zombies.

There exist several firearms in the game such as handguns, assault rifles, sniper rifles, shotguns, submachine guns, and rocket launchers. Hide and attack the crowds of invading zombies, and at the very end, survive and escape the deadly high school.

There are episodes of each characters which explain about their past. Although they all suffer various kinds of mental confilcts in the game, they would eventually team up and overcome the challenges they face.



Sayuri Akiha(CV: Asuka Okame)
Ren(CV: Shunpei Fukuma)
Mystery man who continuously brings back the dead to life.His purpose of attacking the Kirisaki high school is unknown.
She returuned from the "Onechanbara" series.She tries to save the survivors as an officer of ZPF.


A gun-shooter game with 50 missions!
Players need to control the 5 teenage survivors and challenge missions in order to save their life. The classrooms, the school grounds, and every other place including the gymnasium will become the battlefield of the zombie hunting.
The ultimate fear of innumerable zombies approaching you!
The clothes of the characters will be stripped off by the various attacks of the zombies. It looks as if the zombies are only going after the clothes…?
Fight even without your clothes!
When all the colthes are stripped off, the characters will still be fighting in their underwears. In order to survive, they should not be embarassed by their looks, but rather just taking down the zomies!
Do zombies react to the clothes which the characters were wearing!?
A surprising new fact! It is true that the zombies are going after the colthes which the characters were just wearing! Realising this new fact, the girls are now trying new tactics to use the clothes which they were just wearing as a decoy…!


Title SG/ZH: School Girl/Zombie Hunter
Platform Steam
Release June 5, 2018(PDT)
Genre Zombie panic Shooting Action
Players Online Co-op(5), Single-player(1)
Language English, Japanese
Downloadble content Available
Developer TAMSOFT
Publisher D3 PUBLISHER
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